by Diagnosis.

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This is it.

I have waited long for this one, and I really love the partly rough sound.

New for me, the songs are kind of simple and I challenged myself to make more of my vocals.

Hope you enjoy.


released October 15, 2013

Thanks to:

Fabian Horn, who recorded and edited this record.

Cynthia Dolinksi, who offered her Living room for recordings and did the second voice on Never.



all rights reserved


Diagnosis. Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Hi my name is Justin, and I make music as Diagnosis.

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Track Name: Never.
I'll always picture you in bright sunshine,
with your hat on your bald head.
I think of you a lot, now you've grown old.
We barely keep in touch.
I love you so.

You saw me growing up
and everyone I lost
Times been tough
I thought of givin' up.

You saw me growing up
the man I've become
I owe you so much.

And if there's one thing i do alright
I want to thank you, while you're still alive

For the times you held my hand
For every little smile....

And if sickness changed you,
and Fortune failed you
If darkness come and all light leave you

I will never forget you,
Never let you down,
I won't never let you down.

//Note : Performed lyrics are a bit off the originals.
Track Name: Bleak
Last night I realized,
that I am the weak.
While you shine bright,
I'll stay bleak.

Looking back at the point,
I thought I was strong.
While you are silent,
I am loud and wrong.

This all grows over my head…
Why can't I love myself,
like I love you?

But tonight it all goes down,
I'll light a match and burn this town.

I can be a better man,
if you only take my hand, and you understand.

That it all grows over my head

//Note : Performed lyrics are a bit off the originals.
Track Name: Ignite
I'll take my heart
and bury it in a little box at sea
Like a young mans art
radical and wild as it can be

I'll pack my things
and hand them to those I leave
pack the rest and run
my time has come finally

From an ember to a Zeitgeist
From a little plan to a big heist

We'll leave tonight
breaking limints laws and bones
never ever planning to get home

We'll start tonight
igniting bonfires and hope
never to be alone

I'll draw you a map
so you can find my little box at sea
when you are ready
you can have my heart, but you can't have me

//Note : Performed lyrics are a bit off the originals.